Telephone Service

Snowcrest telephone service is bundled with Internet Service

Voice Feature Codes

These feature codes can be used with SnowCrest's telephone service:

Feature Code Action
*70 Call Waiting - Activate
*71 Call Waiting - Deactivate
*30 Blacklist a number
*31 Remove a number from the blacklist
*32 Blacklist the last caller
*52 Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Activate
*53 Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Deactivate
*72 Call Forward All Activate
*73 Call Forward All Deactivate
*90 Call Forward Busy Activate
*91 Call Forward Busy Deactivate
*96 Call Forward Toggle
*78 DND Activate
*79 DND Deactivate
*76 DND Toggle
*21 Findme Follow Toggle
*97 My Voicemail
*65 Speak Your Phone Number
*60 Speaking Clock
Voice Taxes and Fees / LATA Map