Return & Refund Policy

SnowCrest return / refund policy: When an account is cancelled, the current months' Internet service charges will be pro-rated to the date of cancellation. Add-ons like web space, extra email, domains, static IP addresses, taxes and rental charges are not pro-rated on cancellation. Refunds are sent by check to the address SnowCrest has on file at the end of the month after rental equipment is returned. Please call SnowCrest at 530-926-6888 for questions on refunds or returns.

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Monday to Friday: 

9:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday: Closed

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Because of the fire in the Edgewood Area, SnowCrest's office is currently without power. All services are operating normally. If you have phone service with SnowCrest and are in an area without ele...