Telephone Service Taxes and Fees

A variety of local, state and federal items are included on your SnowCrest billing when you have Voice service.
California Lifeline Telephone Service Surcharge

California LifeLine was established by the California Public Utilities Commission in compliance with Public Utilities Code — 871 providing discounted basic residential (landline) telephone services to low-income households.

For current surcharge rates, see

California Deaf and Disabled Telecom Program Surcharge
California High Cost Fund-A Surcharge
California High Cost Fund-B Surcharge
California Teleconnect Fund Surcharge
California Advanced Services Fund Surcharge
California 911 Emergency Telephone Users Surcharge
California Public Utility Commission User Fee
Property Tax Allotment Surcharge
Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF)
Federal Subscriber Line Charge
Federal Interstate Telecommunications Service Provider (ITSP) Fee
FCC Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS)
Regulatory Recovery Surcharge
Local Utility Users Tax

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